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In intimate good health and well!

Are you aware of this?
Itching, burning, discharge, unpleasant odour, swelling and pain in your most intimate area, the vagina? Difficult to eliminate, and does it keep recurring? So unpleasant, painful and distressing in your sex life and your intimate relationship. About 70 per cent of all women suffer from this!

Preferably no medicines
The symptoms are a nuisance and troublesome, though no antibiotics or antifungals, etc. are necessary. You also prefer to avoid them on account of the side and after effects. Household remedies are difficult to use and have doubtful effects.

A normal vagina!
With the Gynofit Vaginal Gels you will soon gain permanent control over the matter. Wherever you are, travelling, on holiday, you yourself can do something about it immediately, and it will be effective! That will give you security and a healthy sense of well-being! Gynofit has been developed and tested in cooperation with gynaecologists.

In hygienic disposable applicators for insertion
  • without preservatives or perfume
  • also suitable during pregnancy and nursing
  • convenient and hygienic to take with you, since each applicator is individually wrapped in film

With Gynofit you have the answer ready to hand!







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