Gynofit eliminates itching, burning, discharge, odour and dryness
When vaginal problems occur
Itching, burning,vaginal discharge
Vaginal dryness
Daily Intimate Care
Pregnancy and nursing
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Gynofit Vaginal Gel with lactic acid
Gynofit Moisturizing Vaginal Gel
Gynofit Itimate Hygiene Oil
Gynofit Cleansing Lotions
Where can I obtain Gynofit?
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No prescription needed. It's yours for the asking!

  • Gynofit Vaginal Gels are available at health stores and pharmacies without prescription.
  • You can take the initiative! You can control your vaginal comfort at all times, quickly, simply and
    without fuss.
  • No medical appointments, prescription, squaring of accounts with the health insurance, follow-ups, etc.

Gynofit - always keep it handy!












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