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Information for druggists/pharmacists

Your customers have long been waiting for this:

The gentle, simple, effective answer to a widespread problem- itching, discharge, odour in the vaginal area, vaginal dryness

  • Gentle but effective
  • With a natural basis (lactic acid and glycerin)
  • Restores the vaginal climate to the natural balance
  • Free of irritating chemicals (no preservatives)
  • Up-to-date presentation and packaging
  • Very simple, practical application

The answer which genuinely satisfies women's needs

  • Countless adult women are finding they simply cannot cope with their normal problems of intimate hygiene, such as bacterial dryness and oversensitivity as well as bacterial vaginosis.
  • Yet they avoid the expense and effort of an appointment with a gynaecologist and prefer not to use prescription medicines immediately. They carry out expensive and unsuccessful experiments with bifidus yoghurt and similar well-intentioned advice from friends.
  • They find the outer and inner vaginal area a physically and psychologically highly sensitive, susceptible region which they wish to interfere with as little as possible and protect from contact with anything irritating.
  • The medical problem itself is in fact neither threatening nor dangerous. The psychological strain and loss of quality of life including sex life are, however, subjectively often found to be very great and distressing.

Now you can provide the answer which so many women have long been seeking.

Enormously widespread and frequent-bacterial vaginosis

The problem is very widespread and enormously embarrassing!
Over 70% of all women suffer from it time and again-itching, burning, discharge, unpleasant odour, swellings and dull pain in the vaginal area. The feeling there is something wrong with their vaginal health greatly affects them physically and mentally. Stress also arises from the desire to conceal it in everyday life and the great strain it places on the relationship with the sexual partner. A taboo subject women are very reluctant to speak about.

The bacterial balance is disturbed
The cause of these symptoms in about 60% of cases is dysbacteriosis: the sensitive balance of microorganisms in the vaginal eco-system is disturbed. It is usually due to bacterial vaginosis or another sexually transmitted infection. Candida albicans cultures are positive in about one third of all cases.

Medicines are not indicated or desirable
Frequently these problems are not serious enough for the gynaecologist to prescribe a medicine. Women avoid the effort and expense of one or more medical appointments. And, for objective and emotional reasons, they do not wish to allow irritating chemicals to upset the delicate balance of the most sensitive area of their bodies. Many of them then experiment more or less successfully with household remedies, often on the strength of the most doubtful recommendations ...

The potential demand for a simple, natural and effective answer to the problem is enormous! Now it's available.

Gynofit Vaginal Gel with lactic acid (six applicators in each package)
  • Natural, gentle, effective (based on lactic acid).
  • Simple and straightforward to use.

  • No medicine or irritating chemicals to increase the dysbalance.
  • Prevents vaginosis from becoming vaginitis.
  • Absolutely no problems, even during pregnancy or nursing.
  • Inexpensive and available without prescription at health stores and pharmacies!

Very widespread:

Dryness in the intimate region

About 37% of all women occasionally and repeatedly suffer from it, not only during and after the menopause.
Vaginal dryness makes the delicate membranes even more sensitive and susceptible to infection. It can make sexual intercourse painful and unpleasant. This is also a highly emotional, taboo subject (because often associated with frigidity).
You will earn your customers' gratitude if you can provide them with a natural, easy-to-apply gel which solves this disagreeable problem elegantly.

Gynofit Moisturizing Vaginal Gel in the pack of 6 or 12

  • For internal application in everyday care, particularly also during and after the menopause and during pregnancies.
  • Immediately and very clearly helps to relieve dryness.
  • Optimal lubricant for a pleasanter sex life.
  • Improves the vaginal flora.
  • Relieves unpleasant burning and itching.
  • Optimizes the condition of the tissue.
  • Prevents irritation.
  • Optimal even during cancer therapy.

Hygienic individual package with cannula (applicator) for clean, painless insertion. No preservatives. Reasonably priced and therefore suitable for long-term use.

Certain to sell out quickly-satisfied customers will come back again!

Questions and answers on Gynofit - for professionals:

What is the difference between Gynofit and other products for intimate hygiene?
Antibiotics and antiseptics destroy all bacteria, even the useful and important ones. Antifungal agents fight only yeast cells but not the symptoms. Washing lotions cleanse only externally and often also cause irritation with their ingredients. Gynofit restores the entire vaginal climate to its natural, healthy balance.

What do women particularly appreciate about Gynofit?
They can act independently, without a medical appointment, a prescription and prescription medicines, check-ups, etc. With Gynofit they themselves have their vaginal comfort under control, wherever they are. The mere knowledge that Gynofit is ready to hand can dispel anxious expectations giving rise to recurrences.

What do gynaecologists think of Gynofit?
Almost without exception all gynaecologists who have tested the Gynofit products in their patients are enthusiastic. Very frequently prescription of antifungals, antibiotics, antiseptics or hormonal preparations becomes unnecessary. Prophylaxis with Gynofit has proved a great success, particularly with such frequently recurring symptoms.

How does Gynofit Vaginal Gel with lactic acid act?
Gynofit contains glycogen and lactic acid to lower the pH (a slightly acid vaginal milieu slows the multiplication of undesirable bacteria). In this way Gynofit helps to restore the vaginal flora to its natural balance. It relieves itching and discomfort. Discharge and odour are reduced to normal levels.

How does Gynofit Moisturizing Vaginal Gel act?
Gynofit moisturizing gel is based on glycerin which adheres to the vaginal mucosa and so ensures pleasant moisturization without excess.

How quickly do Gynofit products act?
Gynofit Gels act very quickly. Relief and a remission of symptoms are partly perceptible immediately but at any rate after 4 to 6 hours. The best results are obtained through regular long-term application.

Does Gynofit contain any preservatives, scents or other irritating substances?
No, it does not. Gynofit relies only on the harmonizing effect of natural lactic acid and glycerin. Gynofit products are medicinal products.


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