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Frequently asked questions concerning Gynofit Vaginal Gels:

What is the difference between Gynofit and other intimate hygiene products?
Antibiotics and antiseptics destroy all bacteria, even good bacteria, antifungals destroy only yeasts. Gynofit restores the entire vaginal climate to its natural, healthy balance.

What do women particularly appreciate about Gynofit?
With Gynofit they themselves have their vaginal well-being under control, in any situation in life. This gives peace of mind and prevents stress-related recurrences.

What do gynaecologists think of Gynofit?
Almost without exception all gynaecologists who have tested Gynofit products in their patients are enthusiastic about them.

How does Gynofit Vaginal Gel with lactic acid act?
Gynofit consists of glycogen and lactic acid which lower the pH.
Gynofit thus helps to restore the vaginal flora to its natural, slightly acid balance.

How does Gynofit Moisturizing Vaginal Gel act?
Gynofit Moisturizing Gel is based on glycerin which adheres to the vaginal mucosa and so ensures pleasant moisturization without excess.

How quickly do Gynofit products take effect?
Gynofit gels act very quickly. Relief and remission of symptoms are perceptible to some extent immediately but in any case after 4 to 6 hours.

Does Gynofit contain no preservatives, perfumes or other irritating substances?
No, it does not. Gynofit relies on the harmonizing effect of natural lactic acid and glycerin.

What effect do Gynofit Vaginal Gels have on condoms?
Gynofit Vaginal Gels have no effect on condoms.

May I also use Gynofit Vaginal Gels during pregnancy or nursing?
Yes, you may. Gynofit Vaginal Gels are not subject to any restrictions of use or interactions with other medicines. You should not use Gynofit only if you are allergic to one of the ingredients.








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